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What is File extension and How to Configure it out?

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Hello Friends! Today I will teach you that What is File extension and how to configure it,change it and how to do all the things about File extension.

What is File extension?
Some of you must know a lot about File extension but today we will let you know a vast about it. A File extension is at the end of the File name.Generally it tells the type of file that in which type of application it will open.

For example- “myname.txt” is a file type in which file extension is “.txt”which can be opened by different applications like Notepad,Wordpad etc. There are many types of File extensions which can be opened by different applications. Some of the File extensions are .png .jpg .html .xml .exe  and many more.

Do you know that the Softwares which you are using are of extension “.exe”. Have you even tried to change its extension and try to open it in another application. If you haven’t done till now then don’t worry we will tell you how to do that and for what reason.
How to search for a type of Files in your computer?
This is a very basic thing and most of us don’t know it actually but we call it a Basic thing. If you have to search for all “.jpg” files in your computer then what will you do? Manually search for all the files? No! That’s not a right thing as a Good Computer user. 
Open your “My Computer” and on the top right corner you can see the option of Search. Type *.jpg  and press Enter. All the files with File Extension .jpg will be displayed on your Computer screen.
Similarly you can search for other files with different types of File extension and search for it as the same way told –  *.abc .
Configuring out the type of File extension
You can easily find out the type of file by opening the properties of that file but sometime it doesn’t work out.Then what will you do?
Follow the steps below – 

1- Open up “Control Panel” by typing it in Start.



2-  Now navigate to “Appearance and Personalization” and then to “File Explorer Options

3- A new Window will be opened infront of you and under the “View” tab you will see the option of “Hide extensions for known file types“.

4- Uncheck that option and you are done.

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