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Using Computer for long time a Day? Here’s how to protect your eyes-

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Hello Friends! Today i have come up with a Basic tutorial but a very helpful one. In this article I will explain you the most basic mistakes that might be done by you while using a Computer. You have to just understand the instructions that I am giving to you and you have to follow them simply.

First off all you should not recommend any software for your Laptop. You should use a Eye comforting software but after correcting your other basic things.

Before doing anything, You should check out your posture while using Laptop.The way you are sitting could be the reason of your tiring eyes. The screen of the Laptop should be at a suitable angle to your eyes otherwise it will effect you a lot.

If you’re craning your neck or slouching to look at the screen, you are definitely straining your eyes. Try using a laptop stand or even just a pile of books to raise the screen to eye level. If the screen is above eye level, try raising your chair to bring the screen to eye level. Once you’ve done this, try some apps that will further help you reduce eye strain.

I will tell you the name of some Softwares that will help you with this problem.

You can download a Software Flux from here. I have used many softwares in my Life but this software is such an awesome one.

After installing the software it will automatically start and will change the color of your screen according to the daylight of your surrounding. 

You can see the demonstration of timing and display settings below in the image – 

It will help you at a great extent.

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