Skyrim Remaster ‘Dragonborn’ Bundle Includes Dovahkiin Mask


Yes it is true! The Game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrims next version which is coming this month will be a very beautiful and interesting game.

It is been revealed by the retailers of the product that, this time the Game is coming along with the Physical goods like in this game you will gain a Dovahkiin Mask

You can easily get the “Dragonborn” bundle for just $75. It will come along with the Dovahkiin Mask with a physical copy of a Game in a Steelbook case.

You can wear this Dovahkiin Mask, it is like a soft hat that you have to wear to play as a “Dragonborn”.

According to the reports this bundle will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox 1 but you can also pre-order the bundle.

The company is not launching the physical goods with the Game, the first time. Earlier also the company has made major profits and have made the Public very happy with their amazing new technology in the Game era.

Bethesda announced that the Game will be released in the month of October and Bethesda has confirmed with Kernelbit’s Team that most probably they will release the Game with the physical goods on October 28.

So guys you will have a great fun this time with this mind bubbling game.

Keep waiting for October 28 and keep ready your $75 to buy the “Dragonborn” bundle.

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