Edward Snowden

Movie to Release on Edward Snowden


May you all be aware about the Well Known Personality, Edward Snowden. If you don’t know anything about him then we are here to tell you. Edward Snowden is an American Computer Professional by Nationality. Currently his residence is in Russia. 



Edward Snowden was Responsible to leak the Classified Information of NSA ( National Security Agency ) in the year 2013.

You can find more details of Edward Snowden on the Internet.Getting back to the topic, a movie is going to be released on the life of Edward Snowden whose title is same as the name of Edward i.e “SNOWDEN”. This will obviously be a great movie because it has a good story. 

However, the official trailer of the movie ‘Snowden’ has been released and you can watch the latest official trailer down here only. The director of the story is Oliver Stone and the celebrities working in the movie are Scot EastWood Shailene Woodley and Nicolas Cage.

After watching this trailer, i think all will very eagerly wait for the release of the Movie. Don’t worry! we will notify you when the movie will be released.
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