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Microsoft warned by France Govt. for Collecting Personal Information from Window 10

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We have listened a lot about Window 10 that Microsoft is spying on the users of Window 10 and is collecting majorly all the personal data like Browsing history and lot more. 

But now the France Govt. has ordered Microsoft to stop these spying. But we don’t know that what will happen next.

On Wednesday, France’s National Data Protection Commission ordered a formal notice to Microsoft saying that stop spying on Window 10 users and also stop tracking the browsing history of the users.

However Microsoft is continuously saying that they are not collecting data more than they required.But some of the Microsoft updates have revealed that they are recording our activities.

Lets have a look on Window 10

1-More than 45 billion minutes were spent on Microsoft edge on window 10 devices only in December 2015.
2-Over 80 billion photographs have been viewed from photo application of Window 10.
3-People spent 4 billion hours playing games on Window 10 devices.
4-People have spent 10 billion hours on Window 10 only in December 2015.

These all things are revealed by Microsoft only.This means they are really spying on you.

There are some options which are needed to be switch off in Window 10 otherwise they will run in background and will send your private data such as photos etc to Microsoft.

“Microsoft has in fact continued to live up to all of its commitments under the Safe Harbor Framework, even as the European and US representatives worked toward the new Privacy Shield,” says Microsoft. “We’re working now toward meeting the requirements of the Privacy Shield.”

However, the spying project of Window 10 looks like a never ending project. But lets see what happens in the next week.


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