Making a pendrive bootable using cmd

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We have brought a very simple way to make your USB bootable. You can make it bootable in just few minutes.
Before starting the method you should a pendrive or usb and obviously a pc.

So lets began with the method.

1- Open command prompt on your pc by clicking on start then type cmd in the space provided. Now right click on it and click on ‘Run as administrator’. Command prompt will be displayed on your screen.
2-Now you have to type DISKPART and then press Enter.
3-Type LIST DISK and press Enter.
4- Now you will see the number of disks which are connected to your pc and you have to select your disk which you want to make bootable.Type SELECT DISK #,where # means the number which is given to your disk.Probably disk 0 will be your hard disk drive and your pendrive may be DISK 1 or DISK 2 depending upon the connected devices.

 5- Now you have to follow the commands and you have to press Enter after each command.

Note- You can replace FAT32 with NTFS depending upon your usb.

6- Now you have to only copy the files of window in your pendrive.

Congratulations,your pendrive is ready for booting a window.


There is a another way to make your usb bootable.This way is very simple and it requires less time also.

So lets start with the method.

1- You have to download a software named as RUFUS from internet.
2-When you will run this software then it will appear same as it is shown in the image below.

3- Now you have to browse for the iso file of the window which is placed in your pc and click on start.
4- After some minutes the process will be over then,click finsh.

Congratulations,your pendrive is ready for booting a window.

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