Laptop launched with 64GB Ram 5TB SSD and 6 USB Ports

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Today we are here to discuss the specifications of the laptop launched recently.The laptop is best in all aspects as it is having enough Ram of 64 GB and other parts are also awesome.

The Canadian company Eurocom has released its new version i.e Sky X9W laptop which is just an upgrade version to its previous version SkyX9 which was released in October 2015.As all the parts used in the laptop are very good so,obviously the price would be high.The company reveals that the price of the laptop will be $2920 which is roughly equal to 198,000 of Indian rupee.

It is powered by a Quadcore intel i7 processor.As the processor is big so it also contain sufficient cooling power as it contain number of cooling fans and boards required.

As a point of memory it’s basic model starts with 16GB of DDR4 Ram and goes upto 64GB of DDR4 Ram.

The weight of the laptop is approximately equal to 4.8 kg and the size of screen is 17.3 inch.Total size of the laptop is 428*308*45 mm.

It supports Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 10,Windows 8 and windows 7.



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