Is Incognito Mode Safe

Is ‘Incognito’ mode Safe for Browsing Adult Websites

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All of you must be aware of the Incognito mode which is present as an option in your Browsers. All of the Browsers provide you with this option.I don’t think so that, you don’t know about this Incognito mode because everyone is browsing these type of private data. This mode is provided in all browsers whether it is Google chrome, Firefox, safari or some other.

If you don’t know about this mode then firstly, I should introduce it. If you are using Google chrome chrome then you can open it by clicking on the top right icon in the browser as indicated in the image below-


If I will ask you about the Incognito mode then you will say, it is very safe. But you all are wrong here. You think that when you will browse the private sites in the Incognito mode then no one is keeping an eye on you. But it is not the same as you think. 

Incognito mode just provides you a platform to hide your browsing history. It means when you will search for porn sites and some private sites then, your history will not be save in your computer only. But your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) has all the data which you have browsed.There will always be someone to see what you have searched even in the Incognito Mode.

Moreover I insist you to not enter any of your Password in the Incognito mode because every detail of yours is recorded somewhere.

According to the reports. it has been said that if you open any private site and then browse for some other thing and after some time you are opening the same private site then, all your browsing history between the interval will be recorded. 

So I insist that you should use the Incognito mode in a good way. Incognito mode just helps you in a way that it does not keep your Browsing history in your computer. So your friend or relative can not see that history but someone else can.

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