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Is Google a Better Search Engine?

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Everyone here,reading this article might be using Google multiple times a day. As obvious, Google is a well known popular company which provides a easy way to fetch the data. But my question is that, Why we all are using Google only? Is there no Search Engine similar to Google or even better than Google?

Today we are available with multiple Search Engines which provides you the data more accurately and in a easy way. We won’t say that Google is not a good search engine. Google is the best search engine till now. But you should atleast know the names of the other Search engines which are available to you. 
Infact, you all know that Google is tracking all our data which we are searching on the Proof of this was already posted on our website on an article on Google PartnerPlex. So it should be now clear in your mind that Google is really collecting all our data. 

Alternatives of Google :

It is simply a search engine which is also used widely to fetch the information. DuckDuckGo search engine has a benefit of its own that it doesn’t track you. It means whatever you search on DuckDuckGo will be kept private and there will be no one to see the detailed history of your search. 
Some other differences are also there between DuckDuckGo and Google as DuckDuckGo allows to open quick stop watch, loan calculator and some other things also. The search results are also much improved in this search engine. So move ahead and try it and believe me, you will love this search engine and you will surely replace your HomePage with DuckDuckGo.
2) :
Shodan is the another search engine which lets you explore everything which is present on the so called internet. As you may have listened that Google only shows you the 0.04 % of the total internet. So Shodan will let you overcome this problem and will show you the every detail of your search key-words.
It is also used for searching secured or unsecured cameras and for security purposes because it shows the best results available on the Internet.
3) Quora :
We have seen the success of and it is going better and better but is something different. No search engine can take it’s place because it is a platform where you can ask any question and you will surely get the satisfactory answer.
Note- You can even find hundred’s of Search engines as per your choice and I bet that you will surely search for other search engines on Google only. Lets try something new and search for new search engines starting with DuckDuckGo.
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