How to track someone’s location


Here is a way by which you can track someone from your device. Yes it is possible and is very easy to do. This method is very useful if we want to track someone or if we want to know his/her ip address for some reason. So you just have to follow simple three steps.Just read it carefully and do practice with your friends.

So lets began with the method-

1-First of all you have to open and you will see a box in the center of screen.Read it carefully and proceed.It is also shown in the figure below-

2-You have to type your valid E-mail address in the box provided and Click on ‘Get Link‘.
3-Now you will see three different links on your screen.You can send any of the link to your friend when he/she will open it,there will be nothing.For example it may be a ‘Not Found Page’ or anything else.
4-The ip address and geo location in latitude and longitute of your friend will be automatically sent to your E-mail id which you had registered earlier.
5-The sent mail may be in the ‘Spam’ folder.You must check it there.

Remember-If you want to get the complete details of the ip-addrress that you have got then you have to visit and you have to paste the same ip-address that you have got and click on submit.Now you will get complete details of that person.

Tips to Note-

1-You can also click on these links to check that what will be shown to your friend and as the same case your ip address will be sent your E-mail id which you had entered.
2-You have to send only one link that you feel is good.

Congratulations,Now you can track your friend‘s location.

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