How To Send Ultra Secure E-Mail That No One Can Intercept|

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We Are Back With Another Hack from Mr.Robot’s .If You Remember In Some Episodes Elliot Send Super Secured E-Mails By Using Ultra Secure E-Mail Service Called ProtonMail. In previous years there were many News About Privacy on Internet. Specially After Revelations of Mr.Edward Snowden . Edward Snowden Revealed That NSA(National Security Agency) and Google Inspect Every Email. After That Revelation of NSA Spying things Some People At CERN, Geneva, Switzerland Developed Most Secured E-Mails Service for People Who Really Concern About Their Privacy.

Proton Mail Developed for Secure, Anonymity Purpose. 

Some Features  Of Proton Mail:-

1.You Don’t Require Any Mobile No. or Other Email To Register .Because Mobile no. And Email Can Be Used track.

2.Proton Mail Don;t generate Logs and Even Admin Of This Service have no Access to EMails.

3.Proton Mail Provides End To End Encryption With 256 Bit  AES.

4.We Can Set Time Limit To Expiry For Emails.

5.They Provide Highly Secured SSL Connection.

6.Proton Mail Even Provide you Full Disk encryption in Their Data Centres.
So you must create an account on Proton Mail and it is as simple as other social sites. So go ahead and secure yourself.

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