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How to Secure your WiFi connection

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Hello Friends! Today I will explain you that How to secure your WiFi connection. You must have heard about the WiFi hacking now days. WiFi hacking has become more popular and you may be wondering that if someone will hack your WiFi then what will you do. 

There are many cases like persons are just sitting in the car outside your house with Black color Windows and can Hack your Wifi easily. They will do their illegal work and will get the hell out of there. The most important thing is, they have used your ip address and after that you will be caught by Police if anything goes wrong.

To prevent all this mess, I am here to tell you the best way.So lets move on to it.

How to prevent Your WiFi connection from Hacking?

1- First off all make your connection type as WPA2. If it is WEP then immediately change it to WPA2 because it is very easy to Hack WEP.

2- Second thing is you have to change the main Administrative Password of the Wifi Router which you have got from the Internet service providers because these companies always set a default password for your router which anybody can hack. So go ahead and change it.

3- Third step is to change the SSID name from Default to your choice and after that Turn off the SSID Broadcasting. When you will Turn off the SSID Broadcasting then you have to manually type the name of SSID that you have kept yourself but only once in a device. This will increase your Security to some extent.

4- You have to Disable DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) and after disabling this you have to manually give the IP Address to computers. This will increase your security to such a high level.

After performing these steps at least your Wifi will be secured from your neighbours and strangers. 

Hope this article helps you.

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