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How to Recover Data from anything Even If it has been Formatted

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As everyone know that how important one’s data is to him/her and if by mistake it get formatted by someone or him/her, how one feels. But there is no need to take any stress because I got a way to recover your data from anything maybe its your local drive, Pendrive and your CD’s or DVD’s.

For Recovering Your Data You need a software Called ICare Data Recovery

To Download Software ——-> Click Here

Step 1:When You have downloaded the software, firstly install it on your Operating System.

Step 2: Insert your Pendrive/CD/DVD if your Data has been formatted from your Pendrive/CD/DVD and if not then there is no need of insert  it.

Step 3: Open up the Software as an Administrator onto your System.

Step 4: Now out of the four options Choose the right option for recovering your data according to the conditions in which your data has been lost from the digital device.








Step 5: Now Choose the Partition from which your data has been lost and click on the Recover button.








Step 6: Once your data has been recovered click on the Show Files Button.








Step 7: Now Finally Save your data by clicking on Save Files button.









Your Software should of Full Version.

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