How to Make your Data Safe using Cryptography

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In today’s World Information has the main role in anything,like it can be business,military operations,government  organisations,etc.Information in Wrong Hands can Lead to Huge Loss ,can be an Individual,Company or Government.

Cryptography is a study or art of storing and transmitting data in a non-human readable formats so that only nobody else can read and process it except the Sender and the Receiver. Cryptography is related to the disciplines of cryptology and cryptanalysis(art of trying to Decrypt the encrypted messages without use of the key). Cryptography include techniques such as microdots, merging words with images, and many other weird ways to hide information.However, in today’s technological world, cryptography is most often associated with converting the plain text into cipher(encrypted Information) text which does not mean anything until you have the key to convert it back into plain text,(known as decryption). Individuals who practice this field are known as cryptographers.

The Main  Objective of Cryptography is Confidentiality (the information cannot be understood by anyone for whom it was unintended only the Sender and Receiver would Understand the Information).There are Many Encryption Algorithm such as SHA,RC4,BLOWFISH,etc.

Creating a Cipher using RC4 Alogrithm ::

1)Download Cryptool from here.It is Crypt Tool 1 which we will use.This is a Educational Tool used for Cryptography practices.
2)Now Install the Tool on your PC and open it.And clear the screen and Write this 

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3)Click on the Encrypt/Decrypt tab–>Symmetric(modern)–>RC4.

4)A RC4 dialog box will be displayed.Choose the Key Length of 24 bit and type Encryption Key as 11 11 11  and click on the Encrypt Button.

5)Hence your Text would be Encrypted.And to De-crypt Repeat the same Procedure and instead of Encrypt choose De-crypt button.

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