How to know whether your gmail account is hacked or not

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This article is based on the topic that how you can know whether your account is hacked by someone or not.

In today’s world security is must. Every citizen in this world have some private data like photos,videos or any other stuff. So you must be sure that your account is not used by anyone else.

This technique will be very helpful to you as it will let you know that your account is used by someone else or not.

Step by step guidence is given below-

1- Open your g-mail account which you want to check whether it is hacked by someone or not.
2- Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see something written on the right-bottom side like “Last account activity“.Then click on ‘Details‘ which is written near to it.
3- It will show you the last 10 recent activities of your account.

4- Now you can see the ip address from where your account was acessed, it will show the date and time that when your account was opened.
5- Moreover it will also tell you that from which type of device your account was opened.
6-Now if you have any doubt that someone else has opened your account then simply copy his ip address.
7-Open website named as whatismyipaddress and click on ‘Ip lookup‘ which is written in the left panel.
8-Paste the ip address there and click on ‘Look up ip address‘.
9- Now you will get the detailed information that from where your account was accesed. It will show you the country, state, city, postal code, lattitude, longitude and many more things.

So now you can easily access the person who is operating your account and you can track him.

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