How To Hide Text behind an Image

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Image result for hiding text in image using cmBasically now a days people are interfering in each other life. They want to know the private stuff of one and other. So that why People started using encrypted style of Communication with each other so that no one can interfere in between them. And one way of doing this is to hide your Communication behind something, Let it be called an Image.

Hiding your Text behind an Image Using CMD : 

1)Open your CMD as an Administrator.
2)Locate is to the path where your Image and Text file(in which your text is written that you want to hide behind the image) are located.
3)Now type ” copy /b Image.jpg + Secret.txt NewImage.jpg ” .
where Image is the Original Image
            Secret is the text file in which your text is written
            NewImage is the name given to the new Image formed in which your text is hidden.
4)To see the hidden text. Open the new image formed with notepad and go to the last line, you will find your text there. 

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