How to hide anything using CMD

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Hiding the data, it is the most important thing one should know to hide his/her personal data.

We all have our personal data which ofcourse we don’t want anybody to see. But if someone opened your computer,then he can see all your data placed in the hard drive.But we have brought up a way by which nobody can see your data even if your computer is opened.

When you will hide anything using this method then nobody can find the file  that you have made hidden, except you.

Follow the Steps : 

1)Open  CMD as an Administrator.

2)Type attrib <file name> +s +h +r in the CMD window and press enter.

3)The file is hidden now.

How to make it visible again?

 type in the CMD window :
attrib <file name> -s -h -r .

Keep in mind that the location of the CMD window should be there only where your file is kept.

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