How to Find Serial Key of any Software The Best Way

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In Today’s World most of us use  Cracked/Patched Softwares rather than Purchasing it. To Purchase a Software you need to pay the amount  for that. We always find ways to download the cracked softwares which might have already been installed with RAT’s(Remote Accessing Tools), which give the complete access to Person/Team/Organisation which has developed that crack, to remotely access your computer from anywhere in the World.That’s how all the Scandals and Crimes takes place.

I gonna tell you a way to find licence key or serial key for any software because of which you do not have to install cracked softwares.You need only one word which is 94fbr.94FBR was a part of  Microsoft Office 2000 Product Key that was released on the Internet which bypassed Microsofts activation system.Because it is a relatively uncommon term, when you add it to your search queries, it will generally return the results of pages listing illegal serial numbers.

Steps to Find Serial key of any Software ::

1)Open up your Browser and open a Search Engine.
2)In the Search Box type ” Software Name  94fbr ” .
3)You will see the Results regarding the Software Serial key or its Licence key.

Way 2-

1)In this Method we will use a Software Serial Key Generator.

It is a Demo Software but of great use as it can generate serial key, registration file and MS SQL.
2)Download this Software and Install it in your PC and Open it.
3)You have to do some settings in order to get a Serial Key ::
a)How many Columns the Original Serial must have.
b)How many Char/Column the Original Serial must have.
c)Whether the Serial Key includes Upper case,Lower case and Numbers.
d)Click on the Generate Button.

4)If you want to Generate a Registration File ::

a)Choose the trial Registration file of the Software for which you want to generate new registration file of full version in the File Name option.
b)Choose the ID-String which should be Full Version.
c)Click on the Generate Button.

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