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How to Erase Data from Pendrive That it cannot be Recovered

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As many of you have noticed that after formatting your Pendrive the data in it can be recovered easily with the help of many recovery software available online.But we know the Importance of Data to you and it should always remain confidential and nobody can ever recover it.Today I am here with a way to Format your Pendrive in such a way that the data in it cannot be recovered ever.

For Doing this we need a Software which you can download from the link below : Click Here To Download

Step 1: After Downloading the software, install it on your Operating System.

Step 2: Open the Software and Insert the Pendrive in which you want to erase the data permanently.

Step 3: A Window will be displayed like this.






Step 4: Click on the Tools Menu and Select Drive Wiper option.






Step 5: In the Wipe menu select Entire Drive(All Data will be Erased) option.





Step 6: In the Security menu select Very Complex Overwrite (35 Passes) option.






Step 7: In the Drives menu select the drive which you want to get formatted.






Step 8: And Finally click on the Wipe button and take some rest because it will take a lot of time to overwrite it.

Note :
In the Drives menu don’t select your hard drive.

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