How to Delete One of the Operating System Installed in Your PC or How to Remove Earlier Version of Windows from Boot Menu

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This Article will Guide you through, How to Remove Earlier Version of Windows from Boot Menu or How to Delete One of the Operating System if your PC is Dual Booted. If you have Two Versions of the Windows Operating System installed on your PC Sometimes Problem occurs that basically You Don’t Know how to Remove one. At Every Startup, you need to Select the Operating System,If you have Deleted the Operating System the Wrong Way then the Name of the Operating System Continues to see at Every Startup. 

Problem :: Delete the Operating System with its Name at startup using Notepad

Solution :

1)Determine the Windows Folder to Keep and the one to be Deleted.

2)Press Window Key + R and type ” %windir% ” and Press Enter. The Windows Folder which will be Displayed is the Working one and Make Sure not to Delete it.

3)Delete the Secondary Windows Folder.Right Click on the Windows Folder to be Removed and Choose Delete Option. Click on ” Yes ” Option to Confirm the deletion.

4)Now we have to Alter the Boot.ini File.

5)Now we have to go to Computer Properties.

For Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8 :

Click on Start Button, then Right Click on My Computer and then Click on Properties Options.

For Windows 8.1 and 10 :

Open Explorer and then Right Click on This PC and Click on the Properties Option.

6)Under the Advanced tab, Click on Settings Option Under Startup and Recovery. When the box appears click on the Edit Option to Modify the Boot.ini file.

7)When the Notepad Opens with the Boot.ini File, Delete the Line of text with the Windows that was Deleted in Step 3. Press Ctrl+S to Save the File and then Restart Your Computer.

8)Now will not get any more Options to Choose Between for the Operating System to Boot as we have just Deleted one of the Operating System.

9)Please Make Sure that do all the Above Steps in the Operating System you want to Keep.

Problem :: Remove the Name of the Operating System From the Startup which has been Deleted using CMD


1)Type ” cmd ” in the Search Box and Right Click on its Icon and Choose Run as Administrator Option.

2)Type ” bcdedit ” in the CMD Window and Press Enter. bcdedit stands for Boot Configuration Data Editor Tool which is an Inbuilt Windows Tool that helps you change the Boot Menu Text.

3)It will Show you Names of the Operating System Currently in the Startup Menu.The name of the Operating System will be Displayed in front of Identifier.

4)To Delete the name of Operating System(O.S) from the Startup Menu Type ”  bcdedit /delete {name of O.S} /f  ” and Press Enter.

5)You have Successfully Deleted the Name from the Startup Menu.

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