How To Convert Torrents To Direct Links

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We Usually Download Torrent These Days. But Sometimes We face many problems like lack of Peers, firewall restriction e.t.c.Then we become almost frustrated and we usually give up the idea of downloading that particular data. So there is one method to solve these problems and that method is to convert that Torrent data Into HTTP Link. There Are Many Services for That Problems.

Method To Convert Torrent To Direct Link:-

  1. ZBigz:- This Site Provides a platform for Converting Torrent To Direct Link in a easy way and in very less time. There are two ways to convert Torrent to Direct Link that are Free And Premium Plans. In Free Plan it converts 1 GB Torrent into Direct Link With 1 Mbps Speed .But In the Premium Service you can convert Unlimited Size of Torrent into Direct Link. Method to Use This Service is Simple as you just have to copy Magnet Link And paste in Home Screen And Click on GO or Just Upload Torrent File.

    There Are Other Many Services Like Zbigz and the method of Conversion is almost same.

    These are some names of the other methods.
    1. Bitpport
    2. Seedr(Also Stream Torrents)
    3. Torx
    4. Sharific
    5. Sonicseedbox

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