How to Check Windows Experience Index in Windows 8,8.1 and 10

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The WEI or Windows Experience Index Score was first introduced in Windows Vista and it was an inbuilt tool in Windows to provide a Score of your System Configuration that How well your System Performs in different Fields like Graphics,Primary Hard Disk,RAM,Performance and Gaming and Windows Experience Index Score was given in Numbers usually out of 10.The Idea from Microsoft for Windows Experience Index  was that, when you go out and buy a new Software or Any Upgrades in the Hardware for your PC, you could Buy the one which corresponded to your Windows Experience Index Score to get the Best Performance. 

Microsoft Continued Providing the WEI in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 but it has been removed from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. When KernelBit Team say’s it is removed, we mean only Graphically not Totally. You can still run WEI and get a score using the Command Prompt.

There are actually Two Methods that you can use to get Windows Experience Index score on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. 

One of them is by using one of the One Softwares we are going to Mention and the other way is, in which we are going to use Command Prompt to Show your Windows Experience Index. 

Method 1 :: ChrisPC Win Experience Index

Just go the Above Link and Download the Software and Install it in your System whose WEI you want to Calculate.
This is a Software used to calculate WEI and is very Accurate and Provides the same Info and Scores that the Original Windows Experience Index provides.

Method 2 – Using Command Prompt

1)Open Explorer by Pressing Windows key and E Together and Enter this path in your Address Bar of the Explorer.
C:WindowsPerformanceWinSATDataStore ”  and Make sure that C: is the drive in which your Windows is Installed.
You will find Several Files here ,Select all files and Delete all of them. These files contain Old System Scores

2)Now type ” cmd ” in the Search Box and Right click on the CMD icon and select Run it as Administrator or you can simply Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on CMD.

3)Now enter the following command into the Command Prompt :

Winsat formal

4)This will run the Windows Experience Index test and it will take a few minutes to Complete.

5)The test is now Complete and you can now check the Scores. To check the Score, just go to :


6)Now look for a file in this Format: date.time.Formal.Assessment.XML

7)Open this XML file with one of the Browsers like Internet Explorer .

Once the file is open, Look for the Scores and they will be Mentioned here as Shown in the Image Below :

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