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Hello Friends! Today i will teach you that how to add a music to your website or blog. Everybody wants to have a website with a music auto-played or by manually. First of all you should have your own website and if you are not having website and don’t know how to make a website or a blog then go ahead and read our tutorial on – How to Make Your Own Blog or Website Using Blogger and Other Websites

Now after owning your own Blog You should follow the steps given below very carefully.

There are 2 ways to do this and both the ways are very interesting and easy also.

Way 1:

1- Open up Your Blogger settings panel in one tab of your Browser.

2- In the second tab of your Browser open the link of the song where it is being uploaded. The link may be of YouTube,Soundcloud or something else.For example I am showing this tutorial using a link of youtube.

3- Scroll down on the link of Youtube, you will see a option of Share button. Click on it as indicated below in the pic.

4- Now you must be seeing the option of “Embed” at the second place click on it. Now a HTML/Javascript code will be displayed on your screen. Copy that code
5- Go to your Blogger and navigate to the “Layout” option in the left panel of your Blogger.
6- Click on “Add gadget” on your convenient position and then click on “Html/Javascript”  as indicated in the pic below – 
7- Paste the code which you have copied. You have to do some modifications in the code but after pasting that code.
8- Now you have to edit the code. Set “Width = 1” and “Height =0” and for auto-playing the song you have to copy this  “&;autoplay=1” and paste it at the end of the YouTube link. I recommend you to watch the image given below to understand the 8th step carefully.
9- Click on “Save” and then on “Save arrangement“. 
Thats it! Visit your Blog and your Music will be played.
In case the method doesn’t work out you can move ahead to the Way 2 – 
Way 2:
This method is easier method as compared to the previous one and is the quickest way to add music to the Blog.
Steps to follow-
1- Open website named as
2- You can scroll a bit down and choose the skin as you like. This bar will come up on your blog or website.The position of the blog can be set according to your convenience. Click on Next button.
3- Now in the next heading i.e “Edit Playlist”, you can set the title of the music and you have to paste the link of the Music which you want to play.The link can be of YouTube or any other. It is indicated in the image below- 
 4- After clicking on the Next button. You have to configure the settings. That you have to at your own. The settings will be like Default Volume,Auto play, Repeat Mode,Placement of Playing Bar. After setting all these click on Done.
5- A Html/Javascript code will be displayed on your screen. Copy that code.
6-Go to your Blogger and navigate to the “Layout” option in the left panel of your Blogger. Click on “Add gadget” on your convenient position and then click on “Html/Javascript” and paste that code. 
7- Click on Save and then on Save arrangement.
Thats it! Congratulations, now your Blog supports Background Music.
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