GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6), Release date and features

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GTA Series presented By Rockstar North has been the most popular series in all over the world and every time their next version of Game is very warmly welcomed. In 2013, Rockstar has launched GTA 5 which was very well welcomed by the Game Lovers. The game looks very Real and the playing experience was so cool.

GTA 5 was the most popular and most downloaded Game in the all time History.When GTA 5 was released then after some days only, People were posting queries about the release date of GTA 6 because they were expecting GTA 6 to be more reality game. This time some rumors are leaked from the GTA 6 team and the features unveiled are very impressive and it will be very well received by the Public Worldwide.

GTA 6 is undoubtedly going to make huge popularity and will also generate a huge demand in the area of Gaming Market.

GTA 6 Release Date –

The unexpected success of GTA 5 has made Gamers to think about the GTA 6 (Next version of GTA Series). The Game is expected to release soon with a ton of features and amazing new missions.

Though there is no official announcement for the Release Date of GTA 6 but as per the rumors and the previous Database that we have,it is assumed that GTA 6 is to launch in the year of 2018 or may be in the end of the year 2017.

As per the previous Data given below we think the Game will be released in 2018 only.

Game                                              Year

Grand Theft Auto                             1997

 Grand Theft Auto 2                          1999
 Grand Theft Auto 3                          2001
 Grand Theft Auto 4                          2008
 Grand Theft Auto 5                          2013

 Grand Theft Auto 6                          2018 ?

You may have listened that the Release Date of GTA 6 is going to be July 2017 but all that rumors are Fake.

Features of GTA 6 –

These are some of the most expected features of GTA 6 and these are not only the rumors,these are the real features coming in the GTA 6.

Amazing new  Missions – GTA 6 will have more realistic missions like joining the army, robbing a bank and much more. So it will be more great and it will be more realistic than any Game ever.

Virtual Realtity Technology – GTA 6 is expected to upgrade with the VR (Virtual Reality) Technology. As we all know about the VR technology that with this technique you can see the things in a 3D view. So now you will play the next version of GTA in a 3D view.

Changed House – As per the previous Versions of GTA,you will own your House in the Game but this time in the GTA 6 you can edit your House Details also which will be a great thing. It is like arranging the things of your House as in reality we all are doing.

Stylish Clothes and Modified Cars – Every time we have seen that there are very less clothes available in the Game and we usually use Cheat codes to try different clothes but this time you will be available with amazing new clothes. As per the query about the Cars, they will be awesome and you can modify them to a great extent as you want them to.

So lets wait for this Mind Blowing Game and for more updates to GTA 6 stay updated with our Kernelbit

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