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Google is hiring People by analyzing your search Keywords on

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Yes it is true. As today we all know that Google is tracking all the data of ours.So it means Google has all our data placed somewhere for someone to see anytime. 

Now what is the case about Google hiring?

Google is constantly keeping an eye on what we are searching everyday on the If you will search for words which are not commonly searched by the other persons then, Google will send you a challenge to answer some questions.If you answer them correctly then,you will be selected and you will be asked to submit your Resume. You will be then further passed on to the Interview level and that’s it.

Google has kept a test on its own search results to recruit the Programmers. 

Similarly,a person searched few keywords on and today he is at Google. He searched for ” Python lambda function list comprehension ” and Google noticed his search because these words are not searched daily. A Pop-up window appears on his screen that Google challenges you to answer some questions and the person was left with 2 options which were “Yes” and “Not Now”.He goes for “Yes” option and answered the questions. This questions were asked level by level and it goes on for 2 days. Then he was asked to submit his Resume and he was further transferred to the Interview level and today he is in Google.

So go ahead, and type some unique words on and open your door to Google.

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