Google is going to launch new phone in competition with Apple’s iPhone 7

From some last years, Google is launching brilliant phones with pure android phone experience which were called as Nexus.This year news was that, they are going to launch Nexus,which was usually manufactured by some big mobile brands companies like LG,Samsung,Sony and many more. But this time Google wants to get rid of all these brands and is manufacturing a new mobile phone by themselves.
According to some news sources we have receievd the information that Google is going to launch many other hardwares but the world is waiting for their masterpiece which is going to be called as Pixel.
People usually ask this question that how many mobiles they are going to launch?
According to some sources it is been revealed that this time Google will launch phone in two variants. One mobile is going to launch with 5 inch 2k Display and the other one is with 5.5 inch display.Also both phones will be going  to have different specs like one will have 3 GB RAM and second will have 4 GB RAM.
When this phone is going to launch?

This is not a rumor like all those hoax news. Instead this time they officially launched the date of event which is 5th October and that is final.
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