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Google Duo

Google announced many things at google developer conference in may.In developer conference, they announced two communication apps for android and ios mobile.Those apps were named as allo and duo ,Allo is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) Supported Messaging app with great communication features.We believe that the app is going to give tough competition to  Whatsapp. But Allo is still not launched but you can register for the on Playstore.There is another app from google called duo, which is a great app for video calling.App is released in almost every country.Go and download your duo from Playstore and Apple Store.Duo has  features like knock-knock, in this feature we can see who is calling you before even picking up phone. So there are many other features like auto switching between quality during low bandwidth connection and high bandwidth connection.App also comes up with auto-switch between wifi and cellular data during calls.User Interface of app is very light and easy to understand.

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