Facing Problem in Iphone to Install Pokemon Go in your Country? Here is a Way

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Today everyone knows that a brilliant Game has been invented for the smartphones i.e Pokemon Go. This news about the Game Pokemon Go was very highlighted few days back. Now every person from all over the World is trying to install this game on his device. 

Many People are facing problems to install Pokemon Go on their respective devices. The reason behind it is, that Pokemon Go has not been released Worldwide. This game is only released in few countries like U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand and may be few more. 

So officially the Game is made to install in these Countries only. 

Android users can easily install this Game on their devices as an .apk file of Pokemon Go is easily available on different sites and they can easily download it by searching on desired search engines like Google, Duckduckgo and Shodan. But Pokemon Go will not be available on the Google Play Store in that countries where officially it is launched. 

Android users would not face any problem because they can easily download the apk of Pokemon Go. The problem comes with the Apple Device which has App Store obviously instead of Google Play Store.

How to Tackle with the Apple Devices?

Note- This method is not official and this is for those countries where Pokemon Go has not been launched.

We have seen most of the users feeling jealous because their friends are enjoying the Game on their Android Phones but they can’t, because they hold an iphone. 

Don’t worry! we are here to solve your problem. 

Persons using iphones have already registered their devices with an Apple id which is further linked to icloud. So, if you are in a country where Pokemon Go has not been released then there is only one option available to you i.e to make a new Apple id by filling all your correct details instead of only one which is the Country column. You have to select another country there where the Game Pokemon Go has already launched. This is the only one Fake detail that you have to enter while making an Apple id. 

You can enter U.S.A as your country because in U.S.A Pokemon has already launched.

After making an Apple id you have to navigate to Settings > icloud in your Apple device and sign in with that new id.

When you will be successfully signed into your new Apple id then open App Store and search for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go will be rightly available on your App Store and now you can easily install it from there.

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