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Hello Friends! Today i will tell you about how to customize your Desktop in a best possible way. Mostly we are in a hurry to do things in our Computer and 80% files we are saving on the Desktop and after that Saving files in a customized way.

Don’t Worry we are here to save your time. When you will save the files to your Desktop then automatically it will be arranged as a type of file. For example if you save any application or software then it will be customized in Programs folder and if you save a Folder on the Desktop then it will be sent to Folder’s Heading.

To do this You will need a Small software named as Fences. You can Download it from here.

The best part of Fences is that you can also customize your Desktop Manually. The company has provided 2 options that are “Start Fences automatically” and “Customize it Manually”.

Steps to Follow – 

1- Download a Software and install it.

2- It will say you for a 30 days trial option,select that option and enter your E-Mail id.

Note- If you want o crack the software for free then you can use Win 32 disassembler.

3- Open your E-Mail and verify your e-mail.

Now click on Start Fencing and that’s it!

Your Desktop will look same like mine, shown below-

Remember – You can always re-edit it and make it of your choice. It is a very reliable softer and can be molded to your choice.
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