Can you control your smartphone with your eyes?

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Yes you read it right.A group of international researchers have made a small application called GazeCapture which let you control your device with the movement of eyes.The accuracy is determined to be approx 1 cm.

Researchers claimed that now you can open applications,play the motion games and you can also do more stuff only with the movement of eyes.

The accuracy of a smartphone will be approx 1 cm and that of the tablet will be approx. 1.75cm.

They said that they will be able to increase the accuracy later when they will be full of data from the users.

For now the testing app has been made.

The group of people from Massachusetts Institue of Technology, University of Georgia and Germany’s Max Planck Institute for informatics are able to train a software which will run according to your movements of device.

The International researchers who are involved in this technology also hold an Indian graduate student.They all are working very hard on this new era and I hope they will make an exclusively new place in the technological World.

The information from the GazeCapture was then send to a software named as iTracker which can also run on an i-phone.The software will scan your face by using the front camera of your device.So it means you have to get a good camera quality smartphone to do thistype of task.
After scanning your face,it will continue to watch at the movements of your eyes and you can do several tasks with that.

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