Can a Friend’s Charger Kill my Laptop?


We live in a Digital World and all of us have Laptops.The Basic problem that we all face is, we often forget to carry our Laptop’s charger along with the Laptop when we are visiting some place or Friend’s Home. We are then left with the only option that, charge our Laptop with the Charger of our Friend’s Laptop.

Question arises, is that charger suitable for your Laptop? Is the charger has same wattage that yours have? Is that Charger safe for your Laptop?

Don’t worry we are here to give answers of all these questions but the Condition is, you have to read them Carefully.

You should know one thing that each Charger is made according as the device to be Charged. So firstly avoid using the different chargers. Your Laptop has different specification from that one which your Friend owns.

Have you ever charged your Laptop with different Charger yet? If you have tried it then you may have faced a Problem that the different charger doesn’t charge the battery of your Laptop but it don’t let your Laptop to shut down. The different charger only provides a Run-Time current to your Laptop but doesn’t charge your Battery. 

In the case of Android phones the things are different. Mostly the charging port gets matched and there is no problem in charging the device because mostly all the smartphones require same wattage.In case of Laptops, it is different. All the Laptops are made with different specification and different internal Chips which require different amount of Wattage. So you should never charge your Laptop with another Charger.

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We will provide you some key points and you must remember them-

1-  Size and shape of the Charging port must match.

2- Amperage should match or exceed.
3- Voltage and polarity should match.
4- Lower amperage might fry your charger and heat the Laptop.

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