BMW car becomes a ROBOT same like Transformers

Have you seen the Transformer Movies? Yes ofcourse you have seen. Have you ever thought that, these Transformers can be real?  
Today I will tell you a new thing. Letvision engineers have made it true. Now Letvision has launched it’s new car which can transforms into a ROBOT. But there is one problem that it can’t walk when Car becomes a ROBOT. However the engineers are saying that they will need a Great Computing functionality to make this ROBOT move same as the imaginary movie TRANSFORMERS.
Letvision is a Turkish company who have made this Movie a reality.“Letrons carries the first and only of its kind speciality in the world with full performance conversion in one to one scale and excellent technical data,” said the company.
The company has named this car as “Antimon” and it took eight months to completethe work of whole CAR cum ROBOT.
Watch the Real time Transformation of BMW Car – 
 LetVision has made the car to move with a Remote.Must Watch the video Given above.
The company revealed that the Walking technology is not yet developed for “Antimon” because it requires huge Computing functionality.
The main motive of writing this Article is to explain you the power of Computing and if you are having a great knowledge about How to make a ROBOT CAR to walk then go ahead and contact the Company and i am sure if your technology will be liked by them then they will surely contact you. 
So,Best of luck!
If the company receives adequate funding it also plans to build four other variety in the Letron series called, Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram and Tantal.
The company will launch this car for Public very soon but the Price for this car has not yet revealed.
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