Amazon launches Global Store in India : Domestic Rivals in fear?


Hello Friends! Today we Have come up with the News from Amazon, the biggest E-Commerce Company. We all know that Amazon is a US E-Commerce company and has expanded their Business Worldwide. Today we have got the news that Amazon has launched their Global Store in India. This is a very good news because Indian Public will be benefited with this news. 

Earlier, we Indians were able to buy the Products which were available in India only moreover we can also order the Products from the US site of Amazon but, we have to Pay them in dollars. Now with this launch you will not have to Pay in dollars and there will be everything available on the Indian Amazon as well.
Amazon’s Country Head Amit Agarwal told “Enhancing shopping experience for customers is one of the key pillars for us. With Global Store, customers in India will now have direct access to thousands of international brands and a starting selection of over 4 million global products,” 
With this new Global Store in India, Indian consumers will have access to the 4 million products from the International Brands. So now you can buy International Brands easily from Amazon and pay easily in your currency only.
At present very few American products are available in India but in few months, more Categories will be involved in India.
The question arises, that is the Domestic rival Flipkart is in fear or not? Ofcourse Flipkart and other Domestic rivals will be in a Fear because there will be more International Brands available on the Amazon. We also know that Indian Public is happy to buy International Products so, Amazon will be a Best available E-Commerce company for online shopping.
Customers will also be able to return the most unused items within 30 days of delivery date for full or partial refund, based on the Valid reason for return. 
According to a report, Amazon will become the most popular Company till 2018-2019 along Worldwide.
Domestic Rivals must focus on their Goal and should do great effort to Compete.
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