High Internet Traffic

How to Access Sites which are Down due to Heavy Internet Traffic

We are suffering Internet Problems Daily with our How to Queries,Information,Results,Exams and many more things. There are many websites which become inaccessible because of so much traffic on them. Sometimes the result sites are not responding due to tons of traffic on them, In that moment we often stuck in the problem which generally have no solution. […]

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Free,Open Source and Fast VPN for Windows, Andriod, Mac, Linux, iOS

Before I explain about VPN free and open source VPN service.I want to clear all doubts about VPN’s. People Usually Ask Some Questions about VPNs like, What is VPN? How they Secure us?Can we use VPN for Hiding our identity? and many more such questions. Firstly VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and as from […]

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How to Find Serial Key of any Software The Best Way

In Today’s World most of us use  Cracked/Patched Softwares rather than Purchasing it. To Purchase a Software you need to pay the amount  for that. We always find ways to download the cracked softwares which might have already been installed with RAT’s(Remote Accessing Tools), which give the complete access to Person/Team/Organisation which has developed that crack, […]

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How to Make your Data Safe using Cryptography

In today’s World Information has the main role in anything,like it can be business,military operations,government  organisations,etc.Information in Wrong Hands can Lead to Huge Loss ,can be an Individual,Company or Government. Cryptography is a study or art of storing and transmitting data in a non-human readable formats so that only nobody else can read and process […]

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window 10 update

How to Turn Off/On the Forced Windows Updates Service in Windows 10

Microsoft is a Well Known brand in the Fields of Operating System.Half of the World is using Windows from Microsoft as their Operating System as they feel, Convenient and very Simple to use it.With the Advancement in their Features Microsoft has always thought of New Idea’s for the People to make their Product more User […]

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