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World’s Largest Hack by DDOS Attack


Recently, Hacking the devices and the data has crossed the limits and today World record of the largest Hacking has been made. You can’t imagine that this is the Biggest Attack that the World has ever seen.

It seems that now we have got a new record of DDOS Attack . Recently it has been explored that the DDOS Attack has been done to the 1 TBps mark.

Last week the DDOS Attack was faced by the Hosting Provider Website OVH. The CTO Octave Klaba has shared some screenshots on the Internet about some messages that are tweeted. You can see them here – 


Klaba also told the public that the DDOS Attack has been clocked from a network of 152,463 lo-power CCTV Cameras.The overall attack has been calculated as 1 TB approximately and it is really a Huge one.

Here are some other tweeted lines by Octave Klaba – 

This was the all information about this largest Hack available till now.
Stay tuned for further updates on this topic.
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