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World’s First Notebook, Thinner than 1 Centimeter – Acer Swift 7

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Recently, a new Notebook has been launched. This new machine has been well received by the public worldwide. The Laptop has been majorly compared with the size of Apple’s Mac book.

Acer Swift 7 has a 13.3 inch Full HD ip panel with a widest touch pad ever. The Windows 10 machine is powered by Intel core i5 processor with 7th Generation. As this new notebook Swift 7 is a thinner laptop so it does not contain much ports as other machines do. Swift 7 has two USB Type c ports, one Headphone Jack and one Type c Port for Charging of the Laptop.

Acer Swift 7 runs with a 8GB of RAM along with Intel Kaby Lake chip and 256 GB SSD  which is a great thing to transfer the file in a very less time as possible.The company promises 9 hours of endurance to the notebook.

The notebook is very light weight, you can even carry this notebook with you easily in one hand along with your file in your hand. It is not a heavy machine. Swift 7 weighs almost 1 kg which is very important point of this notebook.

World Thinnest Laptop Ever Made

The keyboard area of this notebook is quite good. You can easily type for hours on this machine. This Notebook comes up with the widest touchpad with a Finger print sensor also. As already told that the Notebook is running on intel i5 processor with 7th Generation in it so, there is no chance of a Graphic card for small applications.

Few days back there were many rumors about the HP Spectre which was told as the thinnest laptop ever. But with the release of Acer Swift 7 (thinner than 1 centimeter) all the rumors are vanished.

The overall look of the Laptop is quite impressive. According to me the most richest color of the Notebook is Black and Golden. You can see the laptop in the video and the image provided.

All are very impressed with the overall performance of this Acer Swift 7 even I have made my mind to buy this Notebook.

Watch the First look of Acer Swift 7 here-

The Price is estimated to be 999 U.S dollar (approx. 66 thousand Indian rupees).

The Notebook has been launched in selected regions but it will be soonly launched in your region and you can buy it from your nearest Store.

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