Verizon Buys Yahoo

Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.83 Billion


Last week a deal was confirmed that the Verizon company is going to buy Yahoo but today Verzon has announced that they are going to buy Yahoo at $4.83 billion.

Isn’t it a great news? Yes it is a great news. We have seen Yahoo as a very big empire but now this big empire has been sold to the Verizon

It has been said that the Yahoo will be very soonly combined with the Aol which was already acquired by the Verizon last year. So, by combining Yahoo with the Aol they will move ahead.

The deal says that all online brands of Yahoo and all the control of E-mail id’s will be controlled by the Verizon as soon as possible. Yahoo’s E-mail service is having approximately 225 billion active users today. All of them will be controlled by the Verizon at background. 

According to the deal, the name Yahoo will not be replaced very early. It will be changed but not till now.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says that “This deal will help us achieve tremendous scale on mobile,” She also added these lines on the tumbler that ” Veizon opens the door to extensive distribution opportunities.” 

The deal about which I have told you today has not yet completed. It has not been approved by all the shareholders of Yahoo. But the Verizon says that they will defintely complete the deal within first 3-4 months of 2017.

So in 2017, Yahoo will not be a single company. It will be owned by the rising company Verizon.


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