Torrentz shut downs forever

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We all have downloaded many movies from the most popular site It was very easy to download a movie from the Torrent because it’s navigation was quite easy and we can easily get the good prints of the movies after few days of the release.

You may have read the news about the Kat.r torrent that the founder of the Torrent was arrested.If you haven’t read that news then go ahead and click here. being the biggest site in the World has announced its “Farewell” today. This site was quite stable in the Torrent community. This site was brought into existence in the Year 2003 and it ends at the year 2016. It has crossed lot of years with success but now the good time is over.

Everyone who is using internet must have got a shock to read this bad news because this was the only site from where they were easily downloading the data whether it is a movie or a software. has stopped its Search option to work few hours ago without any warning and a small sentence is written down there which says “Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines” and one another line is also written which says”Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” With this we have concluded that the World’s biggest is no more. One more thing which proves this truth is the born date and death date of the On the official page of they have mentioned the born and death date of site which is 2003-2016. So 2016 becomes a bad year for

You can see the lines here in the image below-

But believe me some of you will still not believe that this site is over.If you are still doubtful then go ahead and visit

Rumors are there that the site shall be started with another domain and with some other user interface but till now there is no site as was.

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