The Error Faced By Android Users When Using Application Like Screen Dimming Apps


Sometimes we often have noticed the Problem with our Android Smart Phone that we Cannot Click on the Install Button in the Package Installer when We have activated the Night Screen Mode or some Screen Dimming App in our Android Phone.

These apps work by Covering or Disguising the whole screen with a Low Light Window Screen, and letting you use your Android Phone as it is , but for some Security Reasons or Some Purpose which is Mentioned below, you can’t interact with the Package Installer until you have Activated the Screen Dimming App.It’s more likely that your APK file is Corrupt or having Version Incompatibility, either of which would cause an error message.

KernelBit Team Thinks that this is to prevent you from Installing any Third Party Applications which are from the Unknown Sources that would be Installed by you Instead of the Original Application you want to Install.But because of the Low Light of the Screen you might install any of Incorrect application.So When these Screen Dimming Apps work in your Android Smart Phone you cannot Click on the Install Button but You can click on the Cancel Button.

How to Fix it ?

Just Close or Stop the Screen Dimming App which is Working on your Android and Install that APK.
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