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We have to Believe a hard Truth that we are Living in World where Privacy is just Myth.

Everything in this Digital World is Hackable and This World is in hands of Few People who can Topple you World in Seconds.I think you are understanding what thought KernelBit Team wants to Share.

In this Article we gonna Discuss about TOR,which is a highly Secure, Efficient and a kind of “ Anonymizing ” network which Aims to offer total Privacy to Anyone who uses it.

Before discussing TOR, just think “ Why aren’t just Proxies and VPN’s enough for Us to Browse Privately ? Why we need for TOR ?

As we know, Proxies/Proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks(VPN) act as a Middlemen Between the Servers and Us ,through which we can visit Websites without revealing our Identity, IP address and Location.While using Proxies or VPN’s We do not Connect to the Website Directly and neither the Website Connect Directly to us. We are connected to the Middleman and so is the Website, giving the users a Dummy or Fake IP addresses that belongs to the Proxy Servers or VPN. So the Website doesn’t come to know,Actually who we are as we are using a Dummy IP Address.Then a Question arise Why are we Discussing TOR service? It’s because Proxies and VPNs are simply not as Effective as they want us to believe.

These are just meant for Some Fun like Bypassing your College or School Firewall just because to access Websites likes Facebook,Gmail,etc.But Proxies and VPNs DO NOT Offer you Complete Anonymity.The Website you Visited will not know who you are. But the, Proxy Server can or in better words It Does Actually.

KernelBit Team is not saying that Proxies and VPNs pass on our Information to Everyone,but we have no way of Knowing that if they pass our Information or not.Just think if someone Hacked into the Proxy Server? It could be simple for a Clever Hacker to know the Admin Password. They could have access to Everyone’s Connection using that Server and easily find out the Source and Destination of traffic coming from User’s, Defeating the Only Purpose of using the Proxy or VPN service. Hence, there is a need for something more Secure and more Private.Now here Comes TOR .

Entering into TOR Service

So, first we will Discuss about TOR in their Team’s Own simplified Words.

TOR was originally Designed, Implemented, and Deployed as an Anonymous Routing Project for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.It was originally developed with the U.S. Navy in mind, for the sole purpose of Protecting Government Communications. Today, however, it has Exponentially Expanded, almost beyond any Measure and is used for a wide variety of purposes by the Military, Journalists, Law Enforcement Officers,and Anyone seeking online Privacy and Anonymity.

TOR is a network of Virtual Tunnels that allow People to improve their Privacy and Security on the Internet.

Individuals use TOR to keep Websites from tracking them, or some other Purpose generally Malicious. TOR Services let Individuals to Publish their Websites and other Services without Revealing the Location of the site.

Let’s hold back a Second to see how TOR actually works. 

TOR comes with a Relay Client and a Browser which are bundled together.The Relay Client, on starting up, configures your Connection with the Outside world. It finds the other Relay Clients,Computers or System’s on which a TOR Relay is Running, finds a few of those (around 9) and forms like a Circuit.Here Circuit means a Network through which our Data Packet goes through. Now, each Client is sent the 
Information about next Client to which Information has to Pass on. Not a single point in the circuit knows where the Message is coming from or where it is going. Since the Network or the Circuit is set up Randomly (and it changes in every few minutes), you get a Dummy or a Fake IP address that has absolutely no Connection with you. Nobody directly handles your data, it just get passed along as Nobody knows where it is coming from or where it is Headed.Obviously, the last Relay sends data to Destination, but since it’s randomly assigned to us, anyone monitoring it will only get seemingly Random Information about User. Unlike Proxies and VPNs, TOR’s Connection goes through several Random systems which is the main reason for it’s Superiority.

The Variety of Users who use TOR is actually what makes TOR so secure. TOR hides you among the other users on the Network, so the more Populous and Diverse the users will be, the more you will be Protected. An Outsider who wants any Information may only find out that the Traffic is passing through the last link in the chain, but whether it Originated at that Link or not – There’s no way to find out.

Best of all, there’s an App for TOR. Yes, there’s an Official TOR app that you can Download from the Play Store and start browsing Anonymously through your Android Smart Phone. Actually, there are two apps : “ Orbot ” and “ Orweb ”. The First One Orbot is the Relay client, that configures your Internet Connection to use a TOR network. The Second One is a Browser which is specially made for using Orbot, that offers Equivalent Privacy Protection as using your Computer. So to use TOR on your phone,First Major Requirement your Phone Should be Rooted.If it is then it’s good and if you have not Root your Phone then Read our Post The Easiest and Best way to Root any Android Smart Phone–Full Guide,which will guide you on how to Root your Android Smart Phone.Then you Have to download these two apps. Start up Orbot, it will run in the background and then use Orweb as the browser.You can use Orfox as Browser also.

For downloading the TOR bundle on your Computer :: Click Here 

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