The Complete Guide for Understanding Remote Administration Tools(R.A.T’S)

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R.A.T’s,basically stand for Remote Administration Tools which is used to Control the System Remotely without the Knowledge to the Victim by sending him a Payload. R.A.T’s forms in itself an Entire Class of Hacking Stream which includes Trojans, Backdoors,etc.

What is a R.A.T ?

RAT Stands for  Remote Administration Tool. It is mostly used for Malicious Purposes.Purposes such as Screen/Camera capture or Image control,File Management, Shell Control ,Computer Control,Registry Management,Hardware Destroyer,etc.One can infect Someone else by Sending the Victim a File generally Payload. If this Payload is opened, it Starts to Run in the Background without Notifying the Victim. 

How R.A.T’s  are Spread ?

R.A.T’s can Spread by Various Ways.One way is over P2P (peer to peer) file sharing services, Messenger and Email Spams(MSN, Skype, AIM, etc),Phishing and you can use Social Engineering Skills to send the Payload,or you may Tag behind some Software. 

How is the R.A.T Server Controlled ?

Once the R.A.T Server is installed on the Victim System,the R.A.T Server can be controlled via a R.A.T Client. R.A.T Client is an Application that tracks your R.A.T’s Movements like How many Systems are Infected, Information of their System, Version of OS used by the Victim,their IP Address, etc. It Shows you a List of IP Addresses which are Infected and are Available Online and can be Connected. After Connecting to the Victim System just Execute your Work.

Can a Good Antivirus Catch R.A.T ?

Yes. As a Ethical Hacker, you will find that Antiviruses are the Bad Guys which are not meant to keep Quite,always Blocking your path at almost Every Step.But, Every Problem in this World has a Good damn Solution to it and so to this problem also we have a Solution called Encryption. It’s called Making your R.A.T Server “ FUD ” –> Fully Undetectable. 

Is Working with R.A.T Legal or Illegal ?

Well, Some R.A.T’s are Legal, and Some are Not. Legal R.A.T’s are the ones Without a Backdoor, and they have Ability to Close the Connection anytime and the Victim Knows about the Connection.

A few Examples of Legal R.A.T’s are below ::

3)Ammyy Admin

A few Examples of Illegal R.A.T’s are below ::


2)Cerberus Rat
3)CyberGate Rat

They can be used for DDOS Attack by creating Massive Botnets with Thousands of Slave Computers, Clicking Ads, Increasing Website Traffic,Blog and Youtube Views, Exploiting the Websites ,etc.

What all can a R.A.T do?

1)Screen/Camera capture or Image control

2)File Management
3)Shell Control
4)Computer control
5)Registry Management
6)Hardware Destroyer

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