The Complete Guide for Understanding Cookies

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Many of the People think that Cookies are Harmful and Should be Deleted Soon.But I Bet you that After Reading this Post your Thinking about Cookies will Change Completely.
Understanding Cookie !!!

A Cookie is a only a Text String of Information that a Website Transfers to the Cookie file of the browser ,so that the Website can Remember who you are. Each time when you open a website that use cookies, it checks if a Cookie is already Stored locally on your Computer – If it is then they can use that Cookie to find out Information about you.

A Cookie contain the Name of the Domain from which Cookie Originated, Lifetime of the cookie, and a value, usually a Randomly Generated Unique Number. Mainly two types of cookies are used ::

a)Session Cookies–>Cookies which are Temporary ,that remain in your Browser until you Leave the site.The next time when you visit that particular site it will not recognize you and will treat you as a completely New Visitor as there is nothing in your browser to let the site know that you have visited before.


b)Persistent Cookies–>Cookies which remain in your Browser for much Longer (depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie).These remain on your Hard Drive until you Erase them or they Expire(Depending upon the Lifetime of Cookie). Various Websites use Cookies to, Store the User’s Location,User’s Interests and Much more ,to show them Advertisements or the Things/Stuff which they Prefer more.


Cookies help a Website to arrange Content to match your preferred Interests more quickly. Most major websites use cookies. Cookies cannot be used by themselves to Identify you, they are used to optimize content based on your past interests and experience on the particular website.

Why are Session Cookies Used ?

Without Cookies, Websites and their belonged Servers have no Memory. It is understood that any Website is not going to Store Information about Millions of users on their Servers. Not only it will be very Expensive,but in Addition it will also Slow Down their Website Performance.Without a Cookie every time you Open a Web Page the Server where the Specific Page is stored will treat you like a Completely New Visitor.Websites typically use Session Cookies to Ensure that you are recognized when you move from Page to Page within one Website and Information you have entered on the Website is Remembered. For Example, if an Shopping site didn’t  use Session Cookies then items placed in your Cart would Disappear by the time you Reach the Checkout Option.

Why are Persistent Cookies used ?

A Persistent Cookie enables a Website to Remember you on a Specific Website, Speeding up and Improving your Experience of services that a Specific Website Offers .For Example, a Website may offer its Stuff in different Countries. On your first Visit, you may choose to have the stuff delivered to India and the Website record that Preference in a Persistent Cookie set on your browser. When you again Visited that site it will use the cookie to ensure that the Stuff is delivered to India only. The “Remember Me” function on a website sets these kind of cookies.

Why Cookies are Harmless ?

Because Cookies are just Plain text files, or some kind of Keys, they Cannot just look into your Computer and find out Information about you, and Related to you, or Access any Stuff kept in your Hard Drive. Cookies are just used to allow a Website to Recognize Users when they return to same Website by opening different doors depending on your Cookie.

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