The Complete Guide for Changing MAC Address on a Windows,MAC OS’s and Linux

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What is Media Access Control Address (MAC Address) ?

A Media Access Control (MAC) Address of a System is a Unique Address/ Identifier ,assigned to Network Interfaces for Communications at the Data Link Layer of Network Segment.The First Check for who the Data is for is done at Data Link Layer. MAC addresses are used as a Network Address for most IEEE 802 Network Technologies, including Ethernet and WiFi.MAC Addresses are used in the Media Access Control Protocol Sublayer of the OSI Reference Model.MAC addresses are mostly assigned by the Manufacturer of a Network Interface Controller (NIC) and are Stored in its Hardware, such as in the Card’s,Read Only Memory(ROM). They are also Referred to as the Burned-In Address (BIA).

Structure of MAC Address :


How to Change MAC Address ?

To Change MAC Address you should first know how to Find your System’s MAC Address.To Find MAC Address Read our Post  The Complete Guide for Understanding and Finding MAC Address on a Windows,MAC OS’s,Linux,Android and IOS Devices ,which will Guide you in Finding MAC Address on any System.  

A)To Change MAC Address in Windows 10 :

1)Type ” Control Panel ” in the Search Box and Press Enter.

2)Then Click on the Network and Internet Option in the Control Panel Window.

3)Then Click on Network and Sharing Center in Network and Internet Window.

4)Then Click on in front of Connections.It would be Either Wi-Fi or Ethernet Depending on your Type of Connection.

5)A Window will be Displayed,Depending on the Type of Connections you have.If you have Wi-Fi Connection then Wi-Fi Status Window.

6)Then Click on the Properties Button in that Window.

7)Now Click on the Configure Button.

8)Now Click on the Advanced Tab and Then Search for Locally Administered MAC Address and Click on it.

9)Now by Default Not Present Option would be Selected. Choose the Above option Which is Value Option and Set a new MAC Address.But Before Setting another MAC Address you should see its Format and Then set.   

You can go to the Command Prompt by Typing CMD in the Search Box and Press Enter.Type ” ipconfig/all ” to check that the MAC address has been changed. Go ahead and restart the computer in order for the changes to take effect.

B)To Change MAC Address in MAC OS’s :

1)Type ” ifconfig en0 | grep ether ” Command in Terminal, to get the MAC Address.

This will give you the MAC address for the en0 Interface. Depending on how many interfaces you have on your Computer, you might need to run this Command Several times adding 1 to the Number each time until you reached an Interface that didn’t exist.

2)You have to Press and Hold the Option key and then Click on the WiFi icon to see the Disconnect option and Disconnect the Wi-fi before Changing the MAC Address.


3)Now Type ” sudo ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Command in the Terminal to Change MAC Address. xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is a MAC Address you want to Replace with the Original Address.

In order to do this, you need to be Logged in as an Administrator. By default, Root is disabled and it’s better to leave it disabled if you can. Just Login as an Admin and you should be able to Run the Command properly. It will ask you for your password, though, before changing the MAC Address.

C)To Change MAC Address in Linux :

1)Open up the Terminal in Linux.Make sure that you are Logged in as Super User.

2)Type ” ifconfig eth0 down ” Command in the Terminal and Press Enter.

3)Type ” ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ” Command in the Terminal and Press Enter.

4)Type ” ifconfig eth0 up ” Command in the Terminal and Press Enter.

4)Type ” ifconfig eth0 |grep HWaddr ” Command in the Terminal and Press Enter to see your MAC Address.

xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the new MAC address I have Chosen for my Linux machine. You can choose any 48 bits Hexadecimal Address as your MAC Address.

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