The Best Way to Protect your USB Data from others


Hello Friends! Today we will provide you, two best methods to Protect your Crucial Data from other Users. Sometimes you forget your Pendrive at your Friend’s Home and then you are in a Tension, that Your Friend Might not see your Personal Data in your USB.  

If you have Formatted your Pendrive then also your Friend can recover the Files easily using Free softwares available on the Internet.

So what should you do to protect your Data?

First Method :

Follow the Steps to Make your USB more Secure-

1- Connect your USB with your Pc. Open your Windows Explorer, right click on the USB and click on “Turn On BitLocker”

2- Now click on Use Password to Unlock the drive. Enter the Password that you want to keep for your USB and Click on Next.

3- Save your Password at any Place in your Computer or Save it on your Microsoft Account, then click on Next.

4- Now the encryption process will be started. In this Process your USB will be Encrypted + Secured with the Password that you have Entered few seconds Back.

After the Whole process, Remove your USB and Connect it again. Now you will be asked to Type a Password to enter your USB

Second Method:

We are providing you the Second Method because in some Windows, Option of Turning On the BitLocker is Missing. So in that Case You can perform the Second Method.

Follow the Steps below – 

1- Download a Software Wondershare USB Drive Encryption.

2- Open the software and Select your USB from the Drop Down menu and click on Secure Full Drive. Now click on Install Option.

3- Now enter the Username and Password that you want to keep for your USB and click on OK.

Now your USB is Encrypted as well Secured from your Friends and Relatives.

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