The Best Way to Get a Person’s IP Address and Location Who Send you an Email

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There are many Cases of Fake Email’s today and day by day these are Increasing.Everyone Today is getting Email from Unknown Persons.Most of the Cyber Crime Cases like Black Mailing, Fraudery,Hacking and many others Cases are Through the Fake Email’s only.

Lets Take an Example –>You have Got an Email from Unknown Person.In Email there are Some Attachments.It can be Possible that Email is For Black Mailing,or Some type of Earning Money From Home,or Porn Videos,or Some other Type/Category.It will look very Attractive so that you should open it.As Soon you Click on it You will be Hacked.Most of the Email Fraud cases are of this type ” Hey You won a Lottery of 100000.Sign in to Receive the Amount “.As Soon as you click on that Email your Computer can Be hacked or When you Download the Attachment, the Sender has attached a Virus like RAT and take Control of Your System and can do anything With that.Like Sending a Murder Threat to any Person maybe President and in that case you will have to face the Consequences. 
Steps to Find the IP Address of Person Through Email ::
1)Go to Your Email Account and Open the Email that you Got from an Unknown Person.
2)Click on the Down Arrow with the Reply Button in Gmail and if you are using Yahoo Click on the More Option.

3)Select Show Original For Gmail and Select View Full Header for Yahoo.


4)Now Check for Received : from followed by the Square Brackets in which IP Address is written.


5)Now you got the IP Address of the Person.Copy it for other Use.
Tracking the Location of Person ::
1)Go to this Site.

2)In the Upper Right Corner Paste the IP Address in the Search Box and Press Enter.It will give you the Full Location of the IP Address.


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