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With the Development and Advancement in the Technological field especially of Android Smart Phone Technology, today Hacking or Ethical Hacking has become more comfortable through Smart Phones rather than from our Laptops or PC. In fact, it has become so Simple and Convenient that with a Simple touch of a Button, we can Hack Someone that’s why it has become the Favorite Hobby for Technology Geeks and Hackers.They can apply almost all the techniques and Hacks through Android Smart Phone only. Today, in this article, we will detail you the best Android Hacking Apps called preferably the Hacking Tools and How they can be used to Hack Purpose.

How to install 3rd party APK files in your Android device?

To install APK files which are not there in play store,or you have downloaded from Internet Follow the steps below.

1)Go to Settings -> Security.

2)Enable the installation from Unknown Sources.

Before Discussing the Details of Android Hacking Apps Your Android Smart Phone Should be Rooted.If your Android Smart Phone is Not Rooted then Read The Easiest and Best way to Root any Android Smart Phone–Full Guide.

After you Have Rooted your Smart Phone then Continue Further.

Details of Hacking Apps ::

(1) Hackode

Hackode is a like a Toolbox for everyone Including Ethical Hackers, IT administrators and Cyber Security Professionals. The application contains various hacking tools like Google hacking, Google Dorks, Reconnaissance, Whois, Ping, DNS Lookup, MX Records, IP, DNS Dig, Security Rss Feed, Exploits(which may be add up Later) and Traceroute . The Whois Lookup can provide Owner Information of any Domain with IP Addresses, Email’s, etc. Hackode even lets you stay updated with the latest Hacking News and Events.

(2) AndroRAT

AndroRAT is a Real Hacking App developed by a team of four University Students for their project and is one of the best Android hacking Apps.As the Name Suggests The term ‘AndroRAT’ is a blend of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool) which has the Power to Capture the Information of any Android system.

The Key features of AndroRAT are ::

Retrieve Contacts and all their Information

Monitor real time messages (sent and received)
Capture Image using the Camera
Stream microphone sound and videos
Retrieve Call logs and Messages
Track location using GPS
Send sms and make /Calls

(3) Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep is used for Session Hacking within a WiFi network. It specializes in getting into the victim’s Facebook, Twitter accounts and retrieves all Personal information of the Owner. 

(4) SpoofAPP

SpoofAPP is currently banned from Play Store. SpoofApp is use for disguising your caller ID on your Android phone and also allow you to change the Voice. SpoofApp is used to make Prank Calls.

(5) AnDOSid

AnDOSid is a Dos tool for an Android Smart Phone which is most used by the Security Professionals and Cyber Specialists. It lets users to do a DOS attack and DDOS on a Web Server using your Smart Phone. 

(6) dSploit

dSploit is a Penetration Testing Tool that performs a Network Security Assessment. When the App starts Operating, you can map fingerprint operating system on your web host and look for known vulnerabilities.It is also used for Cracking WiFi Systems and killing Connections.It can Also replace Images and Videos when on Same Network.

(7) Nmap for Android

Nmap is an Security Scanner which is used for Network Exploration.

(8) SSHDroid

SSHDroid lets you access the Files and Folders of an Android Phone by connecting over same WiFi network. Once your device gets connected you can view, edit, copy and move files via the Nautilus file manager,etc. SSHDroid can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux system and includes features like Extended notification controls,Shared-key authentication

,WiFi autostart whitelist,etc.

(9) FaceNiff

FaceNiff is used for Hacking phones and can also be used as Session Hijacker that lets you Sniff and Interrupt web session profiles over WiFi to the connected Android devices.

(10) Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer is used to change Websites on a different computer from your Android device. After you download the app, simply login to a WiFi network and choose a spoof to begin.It can Flip Pictures ,Replace and Delete Words.Change Images ,etc.

(11) WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill can detect all the Systems which are connected to a network with which you are Connected and it allows you to kill or stop WiFi access to the device. It Captures the Traffic.Display Websites visited by the Captured Device,etc.

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