The Basics of Steganography

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Today we are Living in a World where Privacy is just Myth.Everyone is Getting Recorded Everytime .This Digital World is left in hands of some Few Clever Hackers who can Hack your Whole Digital Life in just Matters of Seconds and Exploit you.No one is Safe in this World if he uses Internet.Even the FBI Director has Pasted a Tape on his Webcam.So Imagine if FBI Director Feels that he is not Safe so how Can We be ?

Till now I suppose that you Know how Important your Data is ?There are many ways to Protect your Data.You can Encrypt your Data or You can Hide it.If you Don’t Know about Encrypting your Valuable Data then Read our Post How to Make your Data Safe using Cryptography,which will guide you through the Basics of Cryptography, about How to Encrypt your Data so that no one Else can Read it except the Sender and Receiver.

Today we will discuss a new way of Protecting your Data that is Hiding your Data behind an Image.This technique is known as Steganography.So be Careful next time while Clicking on any Image on the Internet as it May Hack your Machine by just Clicking on that Image.Steganography is a Technique of Hiding Something behind an Image it can be RAT,Data,Code or Something Else.

Steganography was Discovered by a Security Researcher Saumil Shah from India.This Technique lets Hacker hide Malicious Code inside the Pixels of Image.After hiding the Code in an Image it will look like a normal Image but as soon as you click on that Image your Whole World can topple.Just Look at the Image and you are Hacked.

According to Saumil Shah a ” Good Exploit is one that is Delivered in Style “.Keeping this in Mind this Researcher Discovered a Way to Hide the Malicious Code Directly into an Image rather than trying the Old Ways like Attaching Virus with E-Mails,PDF’s,etc.The Technique he discovered was so good that it was Impossible to Spot that Virus with the Naked Eye.In the case of Steganography the Exploit or the Malicious Code is Encoded inside the Image Pixels which is later Decoded using an HTML 5 Canvas Element that is used for Dynamic,Scriptable Rendering of Images.

Until Then Steganography was used to Communicate between two people Secretly by Disguising the Messages in such a way that Anyone that intercepts the Message can not Realize the real Purpose.Now this Technique is used by Various Terrorist Organisations to Communicate with Each Other secretly.  

Steganography is a Technique where the Malicious Code, dubbed IMAJS,is a Combination of Image Code and the Javascript hidden into a Image File.

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