The Basics of Address Resolution Protocol(ARP)

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First Before Reading this Article, Read The Complete Guide to Network Sniffers ,which will guide you through basics of Network Sniffing and Some other Common Terms which you will need in this Article.

What is ARP Poisoning ?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol.It is Used to Convert IP address to MAC Address on a Switch.It Send fake MAC Addresses to the Switch so that it can the Fake MAC Address with the IP Address of a Genuine Computer and can Hijack the Traffic.

There are Two Type of ARP Entries,Dynamic and Static.

Dynamic Entries are added and Deleted automatically when using the TCP/IP Session with Remote Computer.
Static Entries are Added manually and Deleted when the System is Restarted.

How to Add Static ARP Entry ?

1)Type CMD in the Search Box and Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together to run it in Administrator Mode.

2)Type the Following Command :
arp -s (IP Address) (MAC Address)
3)And hit on the Enter Button and the Entry would be Added.
4)If you want to view the ARP cache type apr-a in the CMD window.

Note ::

If you want more Help on ARP Commands then Type arp -help in the CMD Window, it will show you all the ARP Commands.

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